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Are you stuck in an exercise rut and not sure what exercises work best for you and your body?

Have you become complacent with your current exercise regime and find that you’re just not getting results?

Is your body in constant pain from sitting at a desk for hours on end and the exercise you’re doing is actually making it worse?

Well here’s where we can help!

My name is Jade Pearman, Strength & Conditioning Coach/Sports Specialist, Personal Trainer and Director of Core Performance Personal Training, Sydney CBD.

We will take you from feeling bored, unmotivated, ‘stiff’ and ‘sore’ to FEELING better, MOVING better & LIVING a pain free life?

We will have you training like an athlete, without having to be one!

Our mission at CP is to guide you to become the best version of yourself by EMPOWERING your mind and STRENGTHENING your body.

Whether you want to be able to move without pain or train for a specific event – my team of expert trainers will teach you the safest and most proven methods to get your there – No BS, no crash diets just SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE, LONG LASTING results.