Meet the Trainers

Jade Pearman

I became involved in competitive sports at the age of eight. Gymnastics was my passion and through hard work and dedication I became British Gymnastics Champion at the age of twelve. I then went on to win three more national finals and have competed and trained in Russia, Bulgaria, France, Belgium and Holland.

Throughout the past 15 years I have worked as a Personal Trainer, Personal Training Manager and Group Fitness Manager at Virgin Active and Fitness First. I have also mentored and developed personal trainers new to the fitness industry.

I believe that everyone is capable of excelling and I am excited to share my wealth of experience and knowledge with you so you can MOVE better, FEEL better and LIVE the best and happiest life possible.

Jade Pearman Personal Trainer Sydney

Leesa Melchert

Leesa is a Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Personal Stylist and Mum and is also known as “The Inside Out Stylist”.   She has trained and coached hundreds of clients over the past twelve years and has helped them gain confidence and create a positive self image by improving their mindsets, making friends with their body and finding your true style from the inside out.  Check out her MIND, BODY, STYLE programs at

Leesa is also available for individual PT, Coaching or Styling services.

Leesa Melchert - Personal Trainer

Tom Pearman

Tom is an authentic martial arts instructor, he specializes in Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and Boxing.  With over 15 years experience, he has coached and trained people from all walks of life, from beginners to professional fighters.

Since retiring from competitive fighting he has co-owned a fight gym in the UK as well as managing a number of gyms in Australia.  He will teach you the correct technique so that you box, kick, elbow or knee safely and effectively.  Tom is passionate about training and has a really cool infectious happy vibe going on.

Tom looks after most of our outdoor group sessions. He is loved for his high energy and motivation that he brings to each and every session and his way in which he is able to diversify to all levels of fitness and personality types. He manages this in a friendly, team building type environment.

Tom encourages and challenges every individual in his group to reach peak fitness in the most enjoyable way possible.

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